Parcelforce is an international courier service. Parcelforce exports and imports for both businesses and individual customers. They also operate domestically within the UK and so they can be used for international deliveries and those to other parts of the country. Parcelforce also works with companies to help with their logistics, such as warehousing, supply chain distribution, insurance and security.

Parcelforce covers 99.6% of the world population and operates in 240 countries through their own distributors and networking partners. Parcelforce is part of the Royal Mail Group Ltd and is one of the top five express carrier businesses in the UK. The company handles 35 million parcels in the UK and 7 million worldwide each year.

Parcelforce account holders

Parcelforce encourages customers to become account holders if a customer sends at least 5 UK items or 1 International item per week. Becoming an account holder involves completing a straightforward online form, which involves entering details such as address, contact details and information about what type of packages will usually be sent.

You can also use Parcelforce if you are not an account holder. If you want to make a one-off delivery, the easiest way is to book through their online booking system. The system is quite comprehensive with seven steps before confirmation of the booking. However, it is an easy process to complete and bookings can be paid for with a credit or debit card.

Delivery options

If you are looking to send something within the UK, Parcelforce has four bands of delivery method. These bands differ by the delivery time as they can take place the same day, next day AM, next day any time or in 2 days. The 2 days delivery is the cheapest as it is the slowest. The same day delivery option is available throughout the year. To find out the price of a job, you can get a quote on-line and an email confirmation is sent.

For an international delivery, Parcelforce’s website has a lot of useful information on estimated delivery times and prices for all of their destinations. The international service also has four bands of delivery method. They are Global Express, Global Priority, Global Value and Global Economy. The Global Express is the quickest, although it is advisable to check the Global Express delivery times as these can vary.

Pallet delivery is another option for account holders who send large parcels or a number of packages in the UK. Parcelforce offers a guaranteed next working day, 2 working days or 3 working days service. The time of delivery depends on the destination. The pallets take deliveries of up to 1000kg per pallet and customers will receive a full refund if there is any delay to their order. You will need to speak to a customer service advisor to book a pallet delivery from Parcelforce.