About parcel courier services

If you are looking to send a parcel, it is advisable to use a courier service. There are plenty of courier companies based in the UK and many of these offer international services to worldwide destinations. You can use courier services as an individual customer looking to send a one-off parcel or as a business customer where you may need to send more than one parcel a week.

As well as just courier companies, there are also courier brokers. These are companies that use many different couriers and pick the best one most suitable for your needs and book them for you. The benefits in using this type of courier service is that the courier broker makes so many bookings with these courier companies that they get price reductions. These price reductions are then passed on to you.

Types of service

Most courier companies are able to deliver to nearly all mainland and Northern Ireland destinations. When placing an order, whether online or over the phone, you will be told whether your parcel can be delivered to your destination. It is often a simple ordering process and as an individual customer, you can pay there and then using a debit or credit card. Business customers will have an account and be invoiced.

If you need a parcel delivered within a city, the smaller courier firms have plenty of motorcycles or bicycle couriers that will probably be cheaper and quicker because they specialise in city deliveries. Many of these smaller courier companies will have standard fees on their website and it is well worth looking into. If you need a parcel delivered the same day, a courier service is definitely for you.

For international deliveries, you will need to use one of the larger courier companies to send your parcel. The most well-known courier companies will offer similar rates and services. They operate through partners when shipping overseas so there may be some destinations that are not available with some courier companies. Most courier services that send parcels worldwide will have a list of their destinations on their website.

How to choose a courier service

The factors that will affect the cost of a delivery are weight, time of delivery and destination. It is worth looking online at a few of the major courier companies as many of them have tariffs and estimated rates. Some can give you a full quote instantly. This is a worthwhile process to get the best value for money.

Some courier companies close their offices, whereas others remain open 24 hours a day. If you are looking for an urgent delivery or a flexible service, it is often best to choose one of the major courier companies to send your parcel. They offer more in the way of a fuller service. Smaller companies will offer a more friendly service and will be able to get to know your needs easier. You should speak to a number of courier companies before deciding on the best one for you.